The Cheeky Shag: The Island

The volcanic rocks stretched out like a moonless night and the waves rushed at the edge, retreating after they licked the tips of stone. She was a golden ray upon a shore of coal, her skin reflected the sun, calling to him, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

#WHM Valérie Belin

The specificities of the medium have always been very important in my work and today the medium of photography is digital. It allows greater freedom in regards to abstraction.

#WHM Sarah Charlesworth

As the artist rejects the label of photographer, it’s important for the viewer to examine her work as a conceptual or theoretical exercise. That’s not to diminish her works aesthetics, in fact it is as important to label the artist ‘photographer’ and enjoy her color fields and objects.

#WHM Sharon Core

One can't photograph something that doesn't first exist in reality; so, it is necessary for me to bring the objects into existence. This led me to growing old varieties of fruits and flowers that are not available in the contemporary marketplace.

#WHM Lorna Simpson

Primarily spotlighting black female subjects, her aesthetic was a faceless subject—the no-woman that was every woman—dressed plainly in white or black, and standing apart—an outline of a being, fading into the high contrast background.

#WHM Grete Stern

Though Stern had always championed the cause of women, her proto-feminist self was unleashed with Sueños. She infused sympathy, dark humor and playful irony in her photomontages as she visualized the subconscious narratives of these women.

#WHM Karine Laval

I started to take pictures with the phone while dancing and interacting with people surrounding me, in a very intuitive and random way, almost as if using the camera like a paintbrush into space. I became intrigued by the way the extremely low resolution of the images created texture and gave the bodies a sculptural quality while at the same time blurring the contour of the human figure and reinforcing its dissipation.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Heide Hatry

To really understand that we have a few years on this planet and that then everything will be totally over is just too painful for most of us, and since death is unavoidable, it seems to be easier, and maybe more practical, to avoid thinking about at it.

#WHM Olivia Bee

I think part of it is really amazing that there is so much content that is being created, so much weird shit because everybody is making stuff all the time. The thing is, if I was a photographer 20 years ago, when it wasn’t this normal for people to photograph everything, I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing.

#WHM Gerda Taro + Lee Miller

Early on, they changed their names as a business decision and partnered with lovers who helped them learn the camera. Afterward, they struck out on their own, but both produced pictures whose authorship was misattributed to those teachers.