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Photography for Flyers

An increasing amount of airports are choosing to combat the stress of flying with art installations and galleries for passengers. Photography exhibits in particular have sprung up as a popular way to ‘see’ a region, and San Francisco International Airport is taking the lead in providing such opportunities.

JEHAD NGA: the Corrupted

The glitchy, colour corrupted images that make up Jehad Nga’s The Green Book Project seem like they have been pulled off of a destroyed hard drive. Images that were forced from the unwilling grasp of some digital purgatory and thrust into the light of day.

Masculinity in Queer Spaces

It is important to acknowledge the pull between the way that masculinity is supposed to be presented by those assigned male at birth and the way that they live their lives, which might mean exhibiting traditionally feminine characteristics or continuing to embrace masculinity even as they identify as female.

Pride Month!

Every summer since the 1969 Stonewall Riots, Pride has been celebrated in June in New York City and has spread nationally and internationally to the point where former President Bill Clinton officially recognized Pride Month in 1999.

Eruption of Mount Kilauea

Hawaii is inescapably known as the home of volcanos; visitors just as frequently visit the lava fields as they do the beaches. Recently Mount Kilauea, located on the Big Island, became explosive. Considered one of the most dangerous volcanos in the world.


There is more to migration than the passage from one place to the next. It is built into the nature of people to desire movement, exploration and new experiences. Unfortunately migration can become a necessity instead of an active choice taken on by those who must relocate. The word migration implies a lengthy journey, one that changes the very nature of the way that people orient themselves in the world and how they see themselves and their community.

MARJAN TEEUWEN: I am an Artist

My work deals with the polarity between the constructive and the destructive forces of mankind. People are very good at building up the world. We can build cities, we can go to the moon, but at the same time, we risk destroying our world. I often quote Dostoevesky, who believed that people couldn’t overcome that polarity. That’s the big important theme in my work, standing up & falling down, chaos, and order.

Memorial Day

Memorial day is the start of summer, a long weekend, and an American tradition wherein the country comes together in remembrance of those who have served in the armed forces. Starting after the civil war, families have spent the day together visiting memorials and services that honor the dead. This federal holiday wasn’t officially recognized until 1971 and was originally known as Decoration Day until the 20th century.

In the News with Tom Wolfe, New Journalism, and Journalistic Photography

Tom Wolfe has returned to the cultural awareness again with the news of his passing.  He has been known for being one of the most visible members of the school of New Journalism. New Journalism is exemplified by its use of unexpected, non-traditional or un-scholarly grammar and language. (Think of blending a novel with a piece of non-fiction and including exclamation marks–all at the same time.)

Gabriel Perez Silva at the Met Gala

Gabriel Perez Silva is an emerging twenty-one-year-old fashion photographer, born in Cucuta, Colombia and raised in South Florida. Prior to pursuing photography Silva was a D1 swimmer in college winning many titles bout found that he hated the sport. After enduring shoulder surgery, he turned his complete focus on photography and the rest is history. Silvia has lived and worked in Italy, Miami, and currently resides in New York City.

Wedding Photography as Art

“I’ve never thought of myself as a wedding photographer, just a photographer that photographs weddings.” –Ian Weldon
Weddings are on the mind this week as the world looks at the wealth of images coming from the most recent royal wedding. The photographs are glamorous, styled, editorial.

CHRIS MCCALL: Caring for culture

CHRIS MCCALL: Essentially, it’s an exhibition space for photography, not a traditional museum by any means. All of our shows originate from the Pilara Foundation Collection, which was established by Andy and Mary Pilara. While we do show some borrowed works, the Pilara Foundation Collection is at the heart of what we do here.