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Public Beta Pt. 1: NEW INC End-of-Year Showcase 2016 @ The New Museum

Cover Image:      Stocktown Films,  Afripedia – Dance Battle 360° , 2016. Virtual reality video, 3:30 min. Courtesy Stocktown Films

Cover Image: 

Stocktown Films, Afripedia – Dance Battle 360°, 2016. Virtual reality video, 3:30 min. Courtesy Stocktown Films

Part 1: July 28–31, 12–5 PM
The New Museum

231 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

From subtly critical gestures to objects enabled by new design and manufacturing processes, the products on display in the Critical Marketplace demonstrate how artists and designers are using the market to test and spread their ideas about the world.

Featuring: bhold, Michelle Cherian, Telfar Clemens, Patrick Delorey, exonemo, HE+HU, Luisa Pereira, and Pinkhouse

The artists, filmmakers, designers, and storytellers whose work is presented in the Virtualities section exploit virtual reality’s ability to immerse viewers in a different world—instantly transporting them to far-flung places. Some of the locales depicted here include: the electric streets of Dakar, Senegal; a terrifying war zone; the quiet depths of outer space; and strange and surreal environments of the creator’s own devising. 

Featuring: Carbon Pictures, HYPER.ZONE, Eliza McNitt, Rachel Rossin, Charles Sainty, Sensorium Works, and Stocktown Films

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