Film Review: First They Killed My Father (2017)

The realism in filming this story is overwhelming. It feels more like a documentary on account of the extreme naturalism. There is little dialogue and no narrative context except for the archival footage interspersed throughout Luong’s child’s-eye view of what she endured. Things happen chronologically and without hyped up drama.

Art Out: Tanya Marcuse - Woven

Julie Saul Gallery is pleased to present Woven, the fourth solo exhibition of work by Tanya
Marcuse. Woven is conceptually linked to Marcuse’s Fallen, shown at the gallery in 2014, but takes
that project’s dense arrangements of flora and fauna to a newly immersive scale. 

Film Review: The Viceroy's House (2017)

The Viceroy’s House is an engaging and attractively packaged history lesson - a sort of survey course concerning the last months of British rule in India. This was a time of horrendous upheaval, virulent politics, passionate emotions, massive violence and tragic outcomes on a huge scale.