Exhibition Review: Annual Juried Exhibition at The Camera Club of New York

This year’s annual open call at The Camera Club of New York’s Baxter Street Gallery hosts works by three emerging artists. Res, a New York based photographer and recent graduate of the Yale School of Art, has eight pieces in the show, all of which pertain to family though evade biography.  Res’ work is distinct in its ability to make conventional things take unconventional form.

Interview: Frank Meo

Musée Magazine sat down with photo agent Frank Meo to discuss his monthly talk series, PROJECTIONS, where photographers, creative directors, photo editors, and members of the public gather in the Bowery over brews and brats to share, view, and discuss peers’ works. 

Book Review: Please return Polaroid by Miles Aldridge

Sometimes wine, tea, or “whatever I’d be drinking in the studio that day,” would spill on the prints.  Aldridge welcomed these unexpected influences.  Prints would “get stuck together and peel apart and one image would be transferred to the other,” Aldridge said.  Despite the occasional ghostly quality of these images, they are created through the process of play.  The viewer is invited not only into a 20-year archive but his process of self-reflection.