Woman Crush Wednesday: Sandy Kim

Woman Crush Wednesday: Sandy Kim

Interview by Asgede Teckie

Project: nyc

What was the inspiration for this project?
I guess, life? All the photos shot in the 'nyc" series were shot during the summers of 2008/2009 in NYC (before I lived in nyc) . I took yearly summer trips to New York, and would spend month/s living in an aimless ny adventure, broke as fuck, sleeping on couches, roofs, benches and when I was lucky, a bed.I was shooting anything and everything around me, absorbing life as it came at me. If it weren't for my photos, I probably wouldn't remember half the things I've experienced in my life. Anyways, when I decided to make a website, I had to come up with a practical way to showcase my work. So I made series based on locations I lived at "SF" (2003-2009), "NYC" (2009-2015), my sex life ("XXX"), music ("Girls", a band from sf i shot constantly), "on tour" (since I toured with bands and documented it all), and "work" (commissioned work, sparse and dated atm since i have't updated my website since I made it back in 2009.


What is your post processing process like?
I download all the photos from cds, I comb through all the images until it's edited down to my favorites. From there on, the photos start placing themselves into batches/series. Sometimes I'll color correct them, sometimes I won't. But at rare times I'll go in, making like a 100 different layers almost to the point where the original image is totally unrecognizable.

The colors in your work are saturated and vibrant, what is the significance of the colors that you used?
I feel that life is colorful metaphorically and literally. I feel that colors have the power to put out a vibe, to enhance a feeling, that's why you see a lot of color in my work.

Is there a message you want viewers to take away from the images?


WCW Questionnaires

Describe your creative process in one word.


If you could teach a one-hour class on anything, what would it be?

A film class

What is the last book your read or film you saw that inspired you?

Southland tales

What is the most played song in your music library?

Killa cam -cam'ron

How do you take your coffee?

Sometimes black, sometimes with milk & sugar


See all the photographs from the series here.

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