Review: Geekoto Tripod

Review: Geekoto Tripod


Review by Federica Belli.

As photographers, we clearly know what to demand out of a tripod. And we know it is one of the most critical accessories for our work. We don’t like compromises-- no one does. On the other hand, for these goods there is no easy bargain to look for: either you pay for the quality or you don’t get it at all. And the latest creation of Geekoto, CT25Pro Craftsman, actually seems to be quite a gem.

Considering how important the visual aspect is in our job, we tend to seek high aesthetic quality in every object we own. Well, the elegance of these tripods is outstanding. The metallic orange details make the carbonium grey stand out magnificently, giving a stylish touch to the tripod, adding a feel of quality to the material.


Appearances aside, the main aim of a tripod is to be practical, quick to mount and dismount, and light enough to be a come along for any photo walk without making it feel like a workout. Being mainly crafted out of carbonium, the weight floats around 3.4 pounds making it comparable to carrying around a bottle of water – I know hydration is key, but it may be worth it to ponder our priorities afterall.


Notwithstanding the lightness, holding the tripod in your hands is enough to tell it has the potential to keep your equipment safe and sound. The padding on one of the legs make it easier to carry it around without having to bag it up every time you stop to take a picture; on the other hand its minimum length is more towards the long side, so it may be noteworthy to consider it would probably not fit in an average sized backpack. To make up for that, the box includes a shoulder bag to carry the tripod and all its accessories, just like you would with a yoga mat.

Although some of the mechanisms are built out of plastic, the structure turns out to be stable and the rubbery finishing details make up for the fault. With an extra hook at the bottom of the tripod to hang your sandbags for additional weight, this auxiliary feature will come in handy to support your heavier equipment. The result is a reliable stability without the additional costs of fancy materials, making it the perfect everyday companion.

As most tripods, the CT25Pro allows for three different base widths, a characteristic which allows for a low point of view and additional stability in case of uneven ground or adventures on steep roads.

Moreover the head can rotate up to 360°, making any kind of experiment possible when it comes to weird angles. At the same time, whenever precision is required, just rely on the built-in level to make sure you’re balancing that breathtaking sunset perfectly.


Find out more about the tripod here.

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