Book Review: Nothing In Vain by Emmanuelle Andrianjafy

Andrianjafy cast her lens on urban landscapes and scenes of everyday life.  The resulting images are at turns idiosyncratic, lonely, and stark.  Graffitid buildings are juxtaposed against close up portraits and interiors to create an encompassing and raw portrait of a city.  Much was left to chance during Andrianjafy’s process of photographing, as she meandered the streets with the open-minded curiosity of a traveler. 

Exhibition Review: Jaimie Warren at The Hole

These productions are elaborate and boast a huge cast.  There are, for example, over 90 people credited in the Michael Jackson work.  The show is marked by Warren’s classic wacky, absurdist humor that refuses to enter into mainstream gallery culture.  Instead, Warren casts kids from classrooms and local community members in her video tableaus.

Feature: Sen M. Floyd

Sen M. Floyd is a young artist, born in 1995. He has exhibited his art work in the Studio Museum of Harlem and The Jewish Museum at the age of fifteen. Currently, he is working on a series of musician's portraits.