Book Review: Cloud Chamber by Dan Ziskie

Dan Ziskie explores this notion in his book Cloud Chamber, which contains photographs of everyday people that he took on the streets of New York City. He interrogates the idea of the isolation that one so often feels while walking the streets of New York and opposed this with the inevitable interconnection between passing strangers, the cause and effect that the actions of disparate people have on one another.

Film Review: Faces Places (2017)

At the risk of sounding too gushy and hyperbolic, I have to say, this film is a gift and a delight to have and to hold. It is the irresistible love child of two thoroughly fascinating, wildly creative artists from such unlikely backgrounds it defies logic on the surface. The iconic Agnes Varda at age 89 is one of France’s most revered and prolific filmmakers, who works in a documentary/realistic style with a focus on social and feminist issues.

Exhibition Review: DISSOLVE - Fred Cray at Janet Borden Inc.

His unique point of view and singular trajectory in the world of photography and art captivates the imagination with mystery and surprise.  Fred leaves unique photos all over the world to be discovered by an unsuspecting viewer, and more than likely, not a denizen of the art world.  His personal method of connecting to an audience is direct, surreptitious and evokes a quizzical response from the recipients of his largesse.

Exhibition Review: An Incomplete History of Protest at the Whitney

The Whitney’s current and ongoing exhibition is titled with care “An Incomplete History of
Protest: Selections from the Whitney’s Collection, 1940-2017.” This history is labeled
incomplete because the curators do not want to give the impression that they believe the
history of artistic protest represented in this exhibition is all-encompassing, but also
because this history is still ongoing, still alive and well within the institution itself.