Photo Journal Monday: Tommy Nease

Tommy Nease is an analogue photographer based in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. He  is represented by Jackson Fine Art in Atlanta, GA. His solo exhibitions include TOPOS (Roslyn, WA) 2018, SPECTRUM (Ellensburg, WA) 2017, NOCTURNE (ATL, GA) 2017, NEVERMORE (ATL, GA) 2014, PHANTASM (ATL, GA) 2012, and PNEUMA (Chicago, IL) 2011.

Film Review: High Life

All of the crew members in High Life are death row convicts. They’ve all volunteered their services for the mission on the ill-fated promise of freedom upon their return home. Their mission: travel to the outer reaches of the galaxy to a small black hole, then harness its energy and return it back to earth.