April 2014

Jessy Brodsky

Monthly Horoscopes of April 2014 Aries – Happy birthday Aries! If anyone can handle an overly stimulating and unpredictable few weeks around your birthday, it’s you. Perhaps it’s quite welcome that things have really gotten …Read More



Interview with Sarah Anne Johnson: cracking the surface

Portrait Courtesy the artist and Julie Saul Gallery, New York.    Carlos Fonts: You used to be involved in reforesting in Northern Canada. What was that experience like? Sarah Anne Johnson: It was incredible! So …Read More

Carlos Fonts

Mustafa Dedeoğlu: Istanbul – timeless city

Hundreds of years structured timeless wisdom. The majestic silhouette of unchanging Istanbul, is stored in the changing memories of the people, the melancholy of the historic quarter is the residue of the past. Istanbul is …Read More


Milton Gendel: A Surreal Life

Milton Gendel, Leo Castelli/ New York, 1982   Opening simultaneously but for the time difference in New York and Rome – A Surreal Life shows photographer and art critic Milton Gendal’s work since the 40s. …Read More

John Hutt

Interview with Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst: six years

Portrait by Jaesung Lee   John Hutt: Over what period were the pictures shot? Zackary Drucker: The earliest images are from 2008 and the latest ones were taken this past summer: 2013. Rhys Ernst: We …Read More


Interview with Laurie Simmons: a real doll

(c) Andrea Blanch   There is a lack of intimacy in your work. How much of that is you and how much of that is a sign of the times? Laurie Simmons: The sign of …Read More