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Babushka is a Russian word meaning grandmother. This summer, while visiting my family in Turtas, Siberia, I had the chance to visit my babushka, Nina. She lives in the Tatarstan Republic of Russia, a thirteen hour train ride into the countryside from Turtas; the village I …Read More

Tatiana Kiseleva

Interview with Ursula Neuman

Portrait by Andrea Blanch   What was the initial idea behind “Multiple Exposures?” The spark that generated this exhibition was ignited four years ago when I opened a family locket to find a photograph of …Read More


Perfect Earth Project: Second Biennial Family Picnic and Concert

Top image: Steve Miller’s health of the planet surfboard   This past Labor Day Weekend I was covering Edwina Von Gal’s Azuero Earth Project party for Musée Magazine at Cindy Sherman’s house. It was the highlight …Read More

Andrea Blanch