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Image above: Katy Grannan, Portrait, 2015. ©Robert Lewis   Sun reflecting off a blank background creates an indeterminate space. Women, men, children pose in front of void white, the illuminated extremes of their edges disappear …Read More


John Waters: A national treasure

Image above: John Waters. Portrait by Greg Gorman.   ANDREA BLANCH: Why did you think your work needed a facelift? JOHN WATERS: You always have to reinvent yourself. I have been doing this for fifty …Read More

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Richard Prince: “where else can you see tara reid trending…”

Image above: Portrait by Terry Richardson.   STEVE MILLER: Social media is the new cultural medium from which it seems natural to make art. Is it that simple that you came to this medium? RICHARD …Read More


Thomas Dozol: The face we want

Image above: Portrait by Thomas Dozol.   Everyone is alone when they sleep and continues to be alone while they wake. There is a moment upon waking when we are unsure of who we are …Read More