GRETE STERN the dreamcatcher

Image above: ©Grete Stern. Autorretrato (Self-Portrait), 1943. All images ©Estate of Horacio Coppola.   Pablo Neruda once said, “You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming.” This quote makes me wonder if he …Read More


Interview with Cristina de Middel

Image above: ©Cristina de Middel. This Is What Hatred Did. Lagogo.    KELLY KORZUN: What got you into photography? How did it all start? CRISTINA DE MIDDEL: I studied Fine Arts with concentration in drawing. I used …Read More


ANN HAMILTON you’re invited

Image above: ©Michael Mercil.   ANDREA BLANCH: I wanted to ask you about your portraits at the ADAA Fair. How did you come to that technique? ANN HAMILTON: The year after I had done a very large project at …Read More


BUNNY YEAGER funny bunny

Image above: ©Bunny Yeager. All images courtesy of Gallery Schuster, Berlin.   Look out, Jack Frost! The North Pole has gotten hot hot hot. This year, even Santa has been a little naughty. What’s Ol’ Saint Nick got …Read More